You Can't Say No to a Great Hat

Shop our collection of Western hats at our Northport, AL location

You wear a lot of hats. Each day, you may be a worker, a friend, a spouse and even a mentor. That's why you need real hats that suit your lifestyle and can help you transition from professional to casual. The Wharf in Northport, right outside of Tuscaloosa, AL carries a huge selection of Western hats by Stetson, Bailey and other major brands.

Stop by our store today to find the right hat for your tastes. You can even pick out a Western belt to match.

There's so much to choose from at The Wharf

There's so much to choose from at The Wharf

Every great outfit needs the right accessories, so why not add a Western belt to your ensemble? Our friendly staff can help you find the right size, color and style to match your other high-quality items from The Wharf.

Contact our store in Northport, AL soon to ask about our current selection of Western hats, belts and other items.